Friday, December 28, 2007


Tomorrow or Today , What is your Choice ?

Procrastination, Simply 'I'll do it later', means putting off the works until the last possible moment but working only under pressure.

Procrastinators put off their work till the last possible moment, work only under pressure, fabricate their reasons for late work, and feel ashamed of the last minute work they do.They think , "I will do it later or tomorrow", but their tomorrow rarely comes.Who knows the tomorrow , the future.Think about "If tomorrow never comes......."

As I am a college student, I will talk about "procrastation at college", among us, the college students.College work revolves around deadlines & long-range assignments.A tendency to put off work under these conditions is fairly natural.Is this only the reason ? Most off us believe the sequence- "Self worth = Ability = Performance" . That is we often equate our performence with our personal worth.By procrastinating we may blame "poor work on our late start", rather than a lack of ability-after all, it wasn't our best effort,was it ? Starting late always doesn't lead to failure or lower grades but it can cause much suffering.
"Nothing prepared till today and everything must be prepared today "- this will really suffer us.So, We want to suffer & feel ashamed or we want to be fresh & be happy by doing the works Now, What we want ?.It is our own choice.It depends.
And i choose tomorrow.


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