Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It’s Official now – Google is Coming to Nepal on June 2010


Google is ready to announce it official launch in Nepal. With Google’s planned analysis of Nepalese internet traffic monitoring they will decide to finally land up in Nepalese market. This will be a great opportunity to Nepalese Developers.


Localization has always been Google’s top priority. Google already has support for many of the Nepalese Language features online. The Google IME, Google transliteration

has played significant role in Nepalese Digital Market. Since Google will more focus on Local Marketing it’s suggested that developer’s should be more focused in using Local Market Promotion & Development.


With the Nepal Telecom’s ADSL internet, peoples are now more connected to internet.  Google’s market analysis will say that their has been 60% increase in Nepalese Web Traffic.


Really this will be a big opportunity for the Nepal & Nepalese Developer’s to get involve with a Internet Giant. Are we developer’s here is Nepal ready to accept Google’s arrival in Nepal? Are Nepalese Cyber Rules & Regulations ready to approve Google’s jump in Nepal. Or will we end up taking this just a April first day’s message?


I’ll be constantly updating you about Google’s focus in Nepal. Stay in touch. 

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