Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 MW

A geek is that someguy or somegirl who enjoys sitting in front of computer all day/eve to find out about what’s happening in Information Technology world, to solve computation problems or to build apps or websites for fun or for their clients. Everyone else, include your in-laws or your neighbor who sit in front of computer all day/night and like/comment or re-tweet were never geeks or will never be geeks. To all those geeks and non geeks out there – Happy New Year 2012.

Everyone and her dog is in internet these days. Subtracts half of them - give them a t-shirt printed with Facebook or Twitter logo, they would happily wear it without a second thought. My mom talks about seeing her (this is how they arrange marriage these days) in Facebook. My neighbor knows a to x about Steve Jobs. Our friends have a new excuse line for we weren’t invited to their birthday party – “i have posted it on faceook” ? or “i have tweeted that buddy, didn’t you see it ?” And your girlfriend finds time to update facebook but doesn’t find time to respond to your text or call turned missed call.

Information Technology is most neglected sector in our country by the Government. Yet, this is one of the most developed sector. Carefully drawing a growth curve would reveal the fact that – this sector is self developing, is consumer supported and is most accepted lately in our society. What about Government ? They recently shut down High Level Commission for Information Technology (HLCIT) with non-public reasons which will be buried under the piles of Nepali paper at Ministry of Science and Technology.  Did anyone care ? I would have, I didn’t, why would I ?

Go to New Road. Search for latest ICS Android set. Or search for iProducts they are waiting to be bought. Google’s cache server at NTC gave us seamless YouTube video streaming – this is just wow ! We heard somewhere that IBM is collaborating with Nepali government and investing in IT Park at Banepa. Thosebody who work there know about that – everyone else, include me are busy tweeting what’s happening in our head. This won’t happen but – our government should tweet or invest on new twitter for us.

I don’t want to learn about technology in year 2012. Why care about that when at the time of implementing lessons learned we are supposed to check load shedding pdf ? Somewhile ago i thought about buying a TV set to enjoy those Hindi serials my mom always talks about – but i won’t because of that power cut. I don’t want to buy a TV set to watch its LCD screen off all the time. Who can imagine a future in technology where there was and will be 16 hours electricity cut off per day ? I can’t. It is better given up then selling one vote in national election in a false hope that some guy who haven’t even passed SLC would bring in more electricity someday. Those are all false assumptions we are supposed to rely on. I won’t on 2012.

Out of randomness scattered around this post, what I am trying to do is find few things to do for celebrating the year 2012. I think all the rant is over now, let’s focus:

1) Give more time to family, friends and acquaintances than to solving problems in computer
2) Build apps or websites as self sustainable products and not as a service for them who don’t understand the value of hard work we put on the product development.
3) Never miss another 3D Animated movie at QFX.
4) Always find time to participate in our EOM (End of Month) gathering.
5) Know more about why there is IT crew in Government of Nepal.
6) Contribute to local communities of developers, actively participate/organize meetups. Start an Open Source project.
7) Find out the song name for the .ogg i have in my pc since last 3 years.
8) Never say sorry without knowing what went wrong in my part.
9) Marriage.. hmm not sure.. should validate with coin toss ;)
10) Join MBA.
11) Join cooking class.
12) Iterate on writings.

(p.s. these are not in ASC/ DESC. Forget the numbering.)

That 2012 MW is the New Year Resolution I thought for the Nepal Electricity Authority. I don’t think they will have electricity to check out this post during this whole year.

Thanks for reading this far.
Happy New Year.


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