Friday, October 16, 2009

45 Top Open Source Software Project Repositories in one place

I always go Google to find out some code snippets in language i prefer to code. These includes C, C++, C#.Net, PHP, Ruby, Python etc. It’s a lot time consuming to go through the search results filtering which one is most relevant to my search. Some cases i land in the pages which shows random articles but not what i was searching for – the code. So i decided to search for how to search effectively!


I found the result more interesting when i again found there’s a Google service to sort out this headache. The service is called Google Custom Search! You can create/customize the Google search engine to fulfill your needs. You can specify Google to search through the websites you like most. Yes, and i decided to list out those best Open Source Software Projects repositories out there in the internet and create a custom search engine.


I have included 45 Best Open Source Project repositories like SourceForge, FreshMeat, Apache Software Foundation, CPAN, CTAN , CRAN, BerliOS,Open Source Scripts, GNU Savannah, RubyForge, OpenSymphony, ObjectWeb, JBoss, PEAR, JSAN, CodePlex, Free Software Directory etc. in the list. If you like to access the repositories individually here are the links to those site.


Here’s the link for the custom search engine: Bhupal's Project Search Engine

I hope this saves your time to search for the projects and codes in the choice of your programming language.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello Web Browser! - Google Explains Better

Google has launched a site What Browser to explain what is a web browser. The page doesn't dominate in itself the popular browsers highlighting Google's very own Chrome browser but instead Google is playing some tricks here... the site is not just about introduction to the web browser! there is a section named "Under the hood" which provides some browser development timeline and links to Browser Diagnostic tools over the internet.

Have you tried running the tests on different browsers?? There's no doubt Chrome wins over all! Yeah, it's for sure Google is trying to convince internet users and stand out in the browser competition! and there's no question that it's one of the fastest, simplest web browsers around!

What i find more interesting in the site is the line at the right bottom of the page "Made by some folks at Google".