Sunday, May 2, 2010

Social Network Database Design Sample - MySQL

sample database for a social network project – a mysql database schema
Database Engine: InnoDB (edit the mwb file if you need to change it to MyISAM or any other.)
the aspects of a social network i tried to cover in this database:
- user profile
- friends
- friends list
- status updates
- thumbs up/down status (these can be easily ported to other entities)
- bookmark saving
- rss/atom feeds saving
- notifications
- chat
- blog, site level not user level


- privacy
you can use these files for beginning a social n/w type projects in PHP/MySQL development environment.
when i was doing social network project, i searched here & there for database design of a social network, but what i found in the internet were not useful. they provided a introductory sketch about social network database structure but but as i had a limited  time frame for my project, those materials were not useful. i have analyzed most of the basic requirements for a  social network database structure, and sharing this with you so that it would save some of your time to start out your project. 
statusthe database is not completely normalized yet but you can edit it as per your needs. don't waste to much time on what  fields should i use for profile or for a status representation, these entity sets in the design will suffice in most of the cases. You can add entities for pictures, video, music sharing or anything you like. Just use the workbench design file.

Here are few books i'd recommend if you are willing to dive deep into MySQL and database designs

1. Beginning MySQL Database Design and Optimization: From Novice to Professional
2. High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, and Replication

files included
following files are included
sns.7.0-.mwb - MySql WorkBench Design
sns.7.0.png - exported PNG from MySql workbench
sns7.0.sql - exported SQL from MySql Workbench
sns.yml - Doctrine Generated schema in YAML
you can use the MySQL WorkBench Designer available Open Source at & begin with the mwb file,
change it for your need, export to sql & use it for your project.
Download MySQL Social Network Database Design – Sample

Update 11/14/2011:
Many readers have requested how the project ended up in look.
So, here goes the slide we presented to Tribhuvan University (with formal details cut out).
Thanks for reading this post.

TimiHami a Nepali Social Network


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